Industrial / Metal Buildings

Craftsman Auto Body

Location: 4800 N. 21st Street, Purcelville, Virginia 20132
Owner: Craftsman Auto Body
Architect: Ballard Architects
Completion: 7/1/2003

Project Description:
Both projects involved full site utilities and excavation. The Craftsman Body Shops were designed with a flow of a damaged car would enter and newly repaired and painted car would exit. From customized duct systems to remove exhaust, dust and fumes from the paint stations. Fully enclosed custom paint missing rooms and painting booths. Both buildings were prefabricated metal buildings, Purcelville which has spilt face brick columns and store front entrance and Gainesville was enhanced with EIFS and split faced brick facade. Each project had it's challenges. Purcelville had a 12' lift with soils used from site to bring pad to grade and Gainesville was built on a site with very poor soils which had to be amended due to the clay type materials and the near by wetlands.

Craftsman Auto Body Craftsman Auto Body  
Craftsman Auto Body  
Craftsman Auto Body  

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